Friday, 24 February 2012

Schemes of work for UAL Certificate in Photography 60009 - 3rd Nov - 24th Nov

Week 9
In week nine we'll discuss the analogue camera that you've been using and how it differs from your camera. Things that you could pick up on are the different skill sets required to use this camera in a very basic way. There is a belief that the traditional users of analogue cameras for instance can instantly use a DSLR camera, whereas the other way round that's not necessarily so? What's your opinion - base it on your experiences and describe why?
Find and use an image and discuss analogue systems
Think also about the cost implications - how may shots can you get on a roll of film, the cost and skills involved in producing a basic print.
Think too about the chemicals and the industrial processes involved in making film, distributing it, processing it and getting rid of the waster chemical - fixer in particular.
Look at this quote here - why do you think this has happened - how does this connect to the cameras characteristics?
Week 10.
The key things you need to do are look up your own camera on a website such as and look at the reviews and get a sense of what your cameras capabilities are. In your work describe your digital camera in terms of how it differs from the analogue camera that you've been using recently. How easy are they to use in comparison with each other, what makes them easy to use.
Think about the two different ways the images are shot - how do they differ? How does this affect the way you approach your photography?
This will be discussed in class, you need to be ready to make notes and pick up on key points.
Off-site task.
This will help identify another of the assessment criteria, where you need to discuss the print outcomes (images) in terms of the use of both systems.
Select one of your own digital images - preferably a portrait as that the theme you're working with. Take the same image file on a SD Card, USB key or similar and have it printed at 4 different retail outlets that print digital images.
Stick these in your folder/book and look at whether they differ in anyway - quality, cropping, colour etc. How did the processes of getting the print from the capture method (Digital v Film) differ from each other, which one requires the greater skill set, investment in time or in depth learning? Also discuss economic factors, storage, filing, archiving etc.
2.2 Identify camera characteristics in relation to a range of image outcomes

Using your black and white prints made in the darkroom, identify how these images and the way they are made differs in comparison with the production of images made via digital processes.

What's involved in producing your black and white print made in the darkroom? Describe it in terms of the whole process... skills, learning and knowledge.

* Buying and making decisions about the capture methods
Film - Question - how much of this info is relevant to the layman if using the film and does this one film fit all situations and cameras?
SD Cards - Question - how much of this info is relevant to the layman or is it as simple as buying an SD card and just getting on with it.

Can you simply go out and buy any film, what needs to be considered?

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