Saturday, 27 February 2016

Visual language - subliminal messages New Day newspaper (Daily Mirror Group)

New Day Newspaper launch promotion - subliminal message.

I've just seen this on the TV being advertised - I'd heard about it via a visitor to our college from the Guardian. But I was struck by something very interesting in the video at 24 seconds into the video and then it lingers there for a few seconds.

The video looks modern and fresh full of hipsters and young people who all look aspirational and with it, the types you'd see listening to Adele on their I-Phones or what have you. The Youtube uploaded advert above has the accompanying text...
The New Day's TV ad for launch. The New Day is the first standalone newspaper launch for 30 thirty years. The launch campaign captures the spirit of our paper – upbeat and positive, and relishing life.
At 24 seconds in the New Day paper is seen on the newsstand being grabbed by someone and bought we assume, but the New Day is tucked beneath the Financial Times, which I immediately noticed and thought was unusual in that the shot lingered so long with the Financial time banner being almost as dominant in the frame as the New Day banner. To me this looked like a subliminal attempt to associate the Daily Mirror product with something that everyone recognises as being something very different to the FT. At first glance of the advert I failed to notice that the paper was on a newsstand and thought that it was on a table of a New Day readers house, suggesting that the New Day reader was also the type of person that would read the FT.
What do you reckon? I reckon this was a very clever piece of marketing, but then most people would have missed it perhaps?

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