Monday, 21 October 2013

35mm SLR camera The Pentax K1000

On the course you'll be introduced and encouraged to use manual SLR's, specifically the Pentax K1000 which known throughout the world as the classic teaching camera along with the Nikon FM2. 

Without regular use and access to these cameras, they can be problematic when loading and if you need guidance have a look at the link here for a quick over-view on how to load the camera. 

Within your work you'll be expected to describe in detail the features of the camera and how you use it. Click here for a link to part 1 of the manual. Part 2 can be found here. Use the information here to support your descriptions of your own use and experiences with the camera. The main things you need to describe and write about are some of the trickier aspects of loading the camera, the setting of the ISO, the metering system and the focus.

Those of your on the 60009 course need to discuss the camera in terms of how it differs from using your DSLR along with discussing any similarities that you recognise.

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