Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Mixed Media in Photography (How to Ace your A-Level)

Work in progress.

A very basic list at this point..

  • Digital File - In Photoshop, de-saturate it, invert it, Re-size it to 9"x6.5" and print out to the best quality possible on Acetate (CRU). This will give you a massive negative to make a contact print with.
  • Digital File - Using Youtube, find a tutorial and follow the instruction and make a line drawing from one of your digital images (Or many). Print out onto photo-copy paper or similar and then re-colour using crayons, pens, gouache, acrylic, water-colour, marker pens, high-lighters or any mark-making media to put colour back into the image. Try rough methods, bold colours, fine lines, washes -basically anything, be experimental! Once finished, scan and re-digitize (Keep the hard copy version as that's the one we'll assess and be most interested in). Once digitized - you could take it to another developmental step and merge this version with the original, playing with the opacity and off-setting slightly?
  • Using Photoshop, look for a Julian Opie style tutorial, turn your portraits (Hopefully Deadpan) into Julian Opies?
  • Look around for other methods such as techniques that make your images look like Andy Warhols.
  • Watch the video here "Take on Me" by Ah Ha, look at the approach of mixing photographic with drawing - this is an easy thing to do in Photoshop - maybe try this?
  • More advanced; Once you've seen the potential of hand-tinting photographs when they've been re-produced on fibrous supports (Papers), explore traditional materials... Hand-tint your Black & White prints produced in the darkroom (Use test strips and rejected images first) with water-colours and oil paints.
  • Taking this even further - re-visit the use of liquid emulsion and hand-tint images produced in that way. 
For a fantastic example of mixed media techniques check out one of my favourites - Peter Beard...


Check this link out too, this is another really good example of mixed media using animals with a dark feel to them http://www.arnaublanch.com/index.php?/art/exotika/ 

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