Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Experimental/Alternative approaches in Photography

(Work in Progress). Here's a list of suggestions of a variety of different ways you could approach your work moving it away from purely digital and straight photography approaches. On your A- Level there is a requirement to explore a range of different and experimental approaches within your work.

Mixed Media - Victor Sloane, Peter Beard,

Subjective v Objective

Pop Art  - Julian Opie, Andy Warhol

Expressionism - Ernst Haas, Alfred Stieglitz (Equivalents),





Voyeuristic - Merry Alpern, 2,

Deadpan - Tereza Vlckova Thomas Ruff, The Bechers,

Typology - Bernd & Hiller Becher, Jeffrey Millstein,


Pinhole - Barbra Ess, Gina Glover,

Tilt Shift - Slinkachu

Liquid Emulsion - somebloke

Cyanotype - Anna Atkins, Wig Sayell,

Repetition Andy Warhol,

Degrading & Damaging - Ed Burtynsky (Chittagong Polaroids), Sally Mann

35mm & Darkroom techniques -


Joiners - David Hockney

Images & Text - Peter Beard

Found images -

Comic Book - Sin City, Ah Ha (Stand by me video).

Colour - Evzen Sobek a life in Blue

For more check out the list of photographers - CTRL + F and search "experimental"

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