Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Mixed Media - digital + Charcoal, chalk and scratching.


Incomplete more to follow.

But briefly - Get a digital image, get it printed onto card, cartridge paper or some other type of art paper. If you're really desperate bog standard paper.

Then play around with it, making it look darker and moodier, scratch the surface, smudge it - just work with it and see what you come up with. Use chalk, conte pencils, charcoal and coloured chalk and it'll start to come together and become something very different.




This also offers and opportunity to bolster most aspects of your work - you could work with the technique as a mini - project...

Look at the example here (Image to come) and read the blog content here and write a quick proposal saying what you intend to do. Then write a short plan - times, dates, schedule materials etc.

The research the artists above and identify what 'Expressionism is'. Write up a definition and then commit to producing an image that has elements of expressionism within it using this mixed media technique.

Once you've done the research and the plan/idea becomes more coherent - produce a Gibbs reflection and the start making pictures.

Record what you do, keep all the experimental versions of the work you make and refine the work - coming up with an approach that suits your work. If you work at it with different images you may find that you come up with something that works exceptionally well. It may mean you have to do a re-shoot?

Once you've produced some images - then do another Gibbs reflection and say whether it works as a final idea for your poject. Even if you reject it, you would have still produced some images that will be good for your workbook/portfolio that shows you've explore photography and art further.

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