Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Simple ten minute digital project - 3D - David Hockney based project

Joiner Ideas, guidance and links for 'David Hockney 3D Project'.

Within the first year one of the units is around exploring the idea of three dimensional work using photography. At the start of this unit we look at David Hockney. Watch the video below, make notes and focus on what he says about the ideas relating to the 3D aspects of this approach. Use the HTML link from the video and this blog now because you've used it as part of your research.

Also look in your text books I'm pretty certain there's a page in the book Photography the Whole Story.

You will be told to use different types of film as part of the current units you're working on. One of them is ILFORD XP2 which you may be able to buy locally at Boots or Snappy Snaps near the college. Don't leave it though till the last minute start looking now. *Note, XP2 will have to be processed at Snappy Snaps or Boots not here at college. Look at the link above and there's some information you can include in your book along with a lot more detail in the product information link.

The other film you must use is Ilford FP4 + This is a film you can buy in college and will have to process yourself. The processing for this film using Rodinal will be 9 minutes. Ask if you're in doubt.

With one of these film you're strongly advised to shoot a contact sheet joiner...

I would advise to shoot it in a sequence where you shoot 5 frames per line not six as in this image. Practice it first using your digital camera first...
Again shoot left to right 5 frames at a time gradually working down your subject. You'll need 6 or 7 rows. Then in windows on a PC adjust the view so that it cramps the images so that they line up in rows of 5 and then capture it using print screen and paste into MS Paint to create your digital file.

With all of these tests and trials - write up a plan for the work before you do it and record what materials you're using.

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