Monday, 31 October 2016

Materials, techniques and processes - ideas and things you can do - Mixed media photography.

Do this - Get together paints, pens, pencils, chalks, crayons, biros and any other method to draw onto a 'Support'. The term is usually applied to painting and drawing and refers to the medium onto which you can draw/paint etc. The same term can be used in the context of photography because we too paint onto the surface in different ways - sometimes directly, as in the case of Arnulf Rainer

As part of this process we as the 'Artist' have to explore the use of how the 'Mark-making' tools work in conjunction with the 'Support' and make judgements as to whether the combination of both is successful. You have access to a number of ways in which you can produce your images - digitally and traditionally. Some of you may have access to additional methods such as 'Ink Jet' printers at home so have a larger range of potential supports for your experiments.

With a broad selection of mark-making materials...

HB pencil
2 B Pencil
4 B Pencil
High-lighter pens
Water-colour paint
Goache paint.
Poster paint.
Oil paint.
Acrylic paint.
Coloured pencils
Conte pencils
Water-colour pencils
OHP pens
Permanent markers
Dry wipe board markers

Get all of the supports that you have got access to... Search out or use the hyperlinks here to find more information on the characteristics and properties of these papers. Record this information with samples of the different papers/supports...

Photo-copy paper more here
Photo-copy card (CRU)
Ink Jet paper from home
Kentmere VC Select

And try all the different mark making materials (pens/pencils/paints) on the surface. Number each one and then write up your observations of how they work in conjunction with the support. Again describe the characteristics of the materials - thick, runny, oily, fine, watery, translucent, opaque etc. Does it react with the paper, or sit on top of the paper, does it rub off or is absorbed, is it neat or untidy, does it look like it has potential or does it look unprofessional.

Watch this video here
To see the potential for some of these techniques (Skip to 5 minutes into the video).

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