Friday, 24 February 2012

Section 8 - Refining

Refining is one of LO's (Learning outcomes) that you're assessed by, so it's essential that you demonstrate that your work goes through a process of refining.

"Refining" as a part of an Art/Photography process.

It is not enough to be happy with your first results. All of the work you will be producing will look to combine the (1). Theme, (2).Image content and (3). Technique to produce a final product that fuses these elements coherently in an appropriate way. These three elements might be explored as seperate entities initially, but as the work is improved and combined, you will go through ever-improving stages - this process is the refining process. You need to identify that you're doing it and it needs to yield good quality coherent final results.

One suggestion that we would suggest is that where you are refining the work - you head the page boldly...


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