Monday, 1 October 2012

Starting a blog for college

Starting a blog for college                     

Follow these steps to get your blog started.

(1). You will need a Google account and email. Go onto Google and set that up. Make sure you keep a note of your Google account details (Put them on your phone) or email them to your usual email account.

(2). Now when you're signed into the Google webpage near the top right-hand corner you'll see a small group of nine squares, as it says in the diagram click the squares button.
 (3). This will then open up the Google Apps. At the bottom see arrow, click on the 'More' tab.
 (4). You'll then be presented with your Google log in confirmation again. Enter your login details once again...

 (5). This will then take you to this 'Blogger' page below. Click 'Continue to Blogger'.
 (6). This page below - click on to the 'New Blog' button.
(7).  This next stage is the important stage. Follow these instructions carefully. "Title" indicated by arrow 'B' is where you name the blog. This can be changed at any time, but for the moment just called it something simple like your name followed by research blog e.g. Joe's Research Blog.

The address section 'A' is the bit you've got to get right. If you're starting this blog before your first day, you need to find one of the letters that the college has sent you previously with your student number on it. Use your initials for the blog title followed by the student number. This is always an 8 digit number. YOU MUST use your initials followed  your 8 digit number in the section indicated by arrow 'B'. Blogger automatically adds the and the full address appears under the part you type the address into for you to click and confirm you're happy with and then it checks to see if it's available.

If you're already in college, your student number is on your ID card, so follow the same instructions as above. Don't worry about the design of the blog at this stage, just choose simple (you can change it later).
 (8). Now click 'Create Blog'.
(9). Now you'll be taken to this page below and you'll need to click the little orange tab with the pen symbol in it which you use to create your first and new post. In future as you add new content to your blog you click this little tab to start a new page/entry. 

(10). This then takes you to the editing page below. Arrow (A) is where you type or upload your content. For the moment just try typing something basic like "Always use the British Journal of Photography for my research". Then in the section marked by the arrow (B) give the blog page/entry a title next to the word 'Post'. I've typed 'Research 001'. You need to write "Bibliography". Then click the button indicated by the arrow (C) "Publish". This will then put your blog onto the internet and you'll have published your first post.
(11). Having 'Published' your first page the page will now change to this page below. There are a number of options just below your first post... Edit, view, share and delete. In order to see what your first published post looks like click 'View'. If you wanted to add to the post and change it, you would click 'Edit'. This would allow you to add more text or add things like videos and images.
(12). You'll then be presented with how your blog looks on-line. If you ever want to go back into the control panel for Blogger you have to click on to the little orange Blogger symbol in the top left hand corner of your web page.
 That's it! The worlds now waiting for your content. On the course you'll be guided bit by bit as to how you should title your pages as you go through the course. But for the moment just get on with what you've been set to do and send the web-link for your blog to your course leader.

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