Friday, 21 November 2014

Darkroom Basics

What you’ll need –

 Photographic paper;

 You’ll need “10x8 MG RC Glossy photographic paper”.  This is light sensitive e.g. only usable in a darkroom under red safe-light conditions. Do not open in any other light.

 “MG” is an abbreviation for Multi-grade and may be described as multi or variable contrast on other paper brands. “RC” is resin coated and differentiates the paper from the more traditional slightly more difficult to use Fibre Based paper. The brands you’ll probably find on-line are Ilford and Kentmere. You’re advised to buy at least one box for the course or share a box between 2 or 3 of you.

 At the main college in Southend smaller packs of paper are sold in 5’s 10’s and 25’s. See the technician.

You’ll need to identify during the course that you’ve used and processed a number of films looking at the process options and how it differs and affects the negatives and the final outcomes.

 You’ll need to buy Ilford HP5+,  Ilford FP4+  and Ilford XP2 for general use on the course showing the process aspects and differences in processing and results, but you’re also advised to try Kodak Tri-X

2 x  Ilford HP5 +135/36

1 x  Ilford XP2 135/36

Kodak Tri - X 135/36

 If you use the four different types that will be sufficient on the course.

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Useful link for teachers -

Getting started in the darkroom

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